Christian Hegg (Co-Founder/Talent/ 12th Level Frost Dragon)

Christian has been doing voice-related projects since he discovered that people don’t actually have to see him, which was about 10 years ago when the land was young and the skies burned with the flames of Ull-dun and Man and Beast shared the sky and seas and the breakfast sandwiches. Since an early age, Christian has created thousands of different characters with just his voice and his old action figures. As he got older, he found he had a love for performing, whether it was on the stage with no pants or actually doing something for an audience. Along with voicing his hilarity on cue, Christian can also be seen doing the occasional music video, student film or theatre production. When not making sounds with his mouth and acting like the angry monkey he so admires, Christian can be found in the cubicle farms of the office, roaming and slaying renegade memos and faxes with his mighty whatever.

Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Batting average: ½ of awesome
Number of Cheeseburgers eaten above sea-level: 69
Super powers: The ability to imitate a 12th Level Frost Dragon and limited mind-control.
Kristopher Moreau (Co-Founder/Hack/Ex-Dragon-Slayer)

Kristopher has been running an interior monologue since before he could speak the language. He’s been recording short radio plays on a pocket tape recorder then destroying them since his early teens. Sometimes he does recorded announcements for things. He can occasionally be seen on stage in a veritable bevy of non-speaking or hardly any speaking roles. He loves the adulations of a crowd but sadly has a face that inspires mob violence. He once tried to slay a dragon but succeeded only in dislodging a villager caught in his teeth. Now with his only friend he roams the countryside seeking out victims of injustice and then laughing at them. Sometimes they sing songs. His frothy velvety sickly sweet voice is his alone no longer. Bask in its glory. Tremble at its might. Donate 10% of your income to its further development.

Length: 12 hands
Width: Not quite 12 hands
Batting average: metal or wood?
Number of Dollars spent on Cheesburgers: oodles
Super powers: Wouldn’t you like to know.