Wait, so what do you guys do again?

We make podcasts. Comedy podcasts. Delicious podcasts chock full of funny goodness. Entertainment for the masses. A la Kristopher and Christian.

What is a podcast?

I’ll tell you what it isn’t: A group of ninjas that steal your pants.


A podcast is kind of like a radio show that you can listen on your computer. You can download it at any time and listen to it. There. You happy?  No humor there. At all.

What sort of equipment do you guys use?

Whatever is laying around. A microphone. Duh.

Where do you record?

Any place that won’t get us thrown out for our tirades and inappropriate uses of the words “Prancy Pants Bandit.”

How long does it take to record an episode?

I’ll answer your question with another question: How long does it take for fish to swim the mighty stream?  How long does it take to see the seasons change?  Think on that, Mr. Questiony Questionerson.

How is your show any different than whats already out there?

Well, you certainly ask a lot of nosy questions. Who sent you?


I asked who sent you, you scumbag! Answers! I want answers!

You’re an idiot.

That’s not what your boyfriend said. That’s right.  Steve told me.

Dude, Steve thinks he’s everybody’s boyfriend.

Shut up!  What Steve and I have is real.

Whatever. Call me when you actually have some content.

Ouch, that’s harsh, man.